Dee Why House


This extraordinary but small site contained a dilapidated house in need of demolition. We set about planning for new spaces on 3 levels to accommodate a family of 4 including a home office and swimming pool. The location of the site required careful planning due to its relationship to the coastline and the wild weather often experienced in this area, we also aimed to maintain an enormous Moreton Bay Fig tree located on council land close to street entry. Whilst it was important to open the house to views and surrounding landscape it was equally important to protect the spaces. Lower ground comprises garage, storage, home office and a room opening to deck space and view. Ground level/entry bedrooms, bathrooms. First floor home theatre, study and living areas. As the spaces were spread vertically on the site required by the small footprint, a lift and stair well were incorporated, the stair winding from below to above created the opportunity for double volume space at the entry point and for circulation of air vertically through the house. A reduced, semi industrial palette of materials was used for low maintenance and fitting the character of the owners both engineers and extremely pragmatic. Block work used in its raw form with timber and compressed fibre cement sheet, the form of the building folds around the required spaces creating direct and indirect view points and relationships to the coast line and Moreton Bay Fig tree.