Vivonne Bay Pavilions


This seaside property at Vivonne Bay in Kangaroo Island was used for many years as a family holiday destination with a simple caravan, a deck and an out house set up. The brief was to create a holiday place that related to the landscape in a similar way to camping, being present and aware of the elements. In response to this design brief we developed a series of pavilions where clearings in the landscape already existed, the aim being to maintain where possible existing stands of Maili and Tea tree on the land. This project explores program divided across disparate volumes, meaning you have to leave one in order to arrive at the next, as the spaces are used you see across and between the pavilions with each opening to an different experience, aspect of the landscape. These pixel like rooms and external spaces between, high, low, in front, behind incorporate on ground concrete tanks for fire fighting. The materiality is raw and low maintenance.