Western Plains Zoo


These are a series of African themed sculptures made from recycled materials integrated with landscape and architecture design for the redevelopment of Westerns Plains Zoo entry. They include shield, animal spirit and direction finding device 5 pieces in all ranging from 3 - 7 metres in height - materials used in a combination of raw state and painted. The materials were all found objects located in the Dubbo region and Zoo material stockpile. It took us 6 trips to locate suitable materials, prepare and make the pieces in a shed we hired in Brocklehurst. The original concept was that the locals would collaborate with zoo staff to make the pieces however this did not eventuate. Recycled materials used include items like a ripper out of a tractor, a section of train track, plough tynes, hot plates, industrial cable wheel, heavy rubber and woven matting used in Rhino cages, street signs. The zoo staff and locals were accommodating and helpful in our pursuit. Taronga Western Plains Zoo